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Trim work completes your home and makes it extra special with various carpentry elements. Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD. gives a perfect finish to your home making it more appealing than ever before.

Not only does it gives a perfect finishing, but trim work also serves as the bridge covering gaps between walls, ceiling, and floors. If you’re looking to craft an innovative home décor, trim work can add value to your decorative ideas.

From door installation to carpentry,we offer a detailed package of trim works to glorify your modern home. Go and check them all out below!


Trimming Services that Your Modern Home Deserves

Crown Molding

Crown molding is the most basic but purposeful trim work we add to beautify your indoors. In this, we install plaster or wooden moldings attached to the ceiling and wall. Our experts use the best practice of combining crown molding with baseboards to give a perfect finish to the walls.

Surprisingly, these premium-looking designs prevent your ceiling, floor, and walls from water damages. That’s why this combination is widely used in laundry rooms and bathrooms.

Door Installation

Want to get rid of blank corners around your doors and windows? Door trims are the perfect way to embellish the doors and windows of your house. These low-profile trims start from the bottom to the bottom and go all over the frame and door hangings.

Whether you’re looking fordoor handing or wainscot around the doors, our door installation includes everything to make your home dressier.


Trim carpentry is a dedicated service we offer to meet your furnishing and carpentry needs. At Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD., we add value to our carpentry jobs, such as interpreting blueprints, installing cabinets, and more.

Our carpenters will reinvent your existing wooden resources like doors, cupboards, etc., and mold them into brand-new designs for modern home décor.


Generally, we all consider casings with trims when it comes to remodeling a property. Although they have the same purpose, casings are more specific and crafted to fill the door openings. Door casings give a lavish touch to the interior of your home while covering the gap between frame and drywall.

Aroll professionals offer a variety of options and designs so that you can customize the casings according to your needs.

Window Sills

Flower pots look amazing outside the windows. But, it may not be a cool idea to hang them off or put them directly on the boundaries. Here window sills become a perfect choice, giving you ample space and freedom to decorate your windows the way you want.

Besides just giving you extra space, our window sills serve as horizontal structures supporting the window and keeping it sturdy.

Decorative Columns

Decorative columns are among the never expiring trends for premium interior design. Based on five classical orders, these columns of extreme stability to structure while beautifying your home. These decorative pillars are made of wood, plastic, and polymer.

However, our experts build decorative columns with high-quality PVC featuring an internal support mechanism and eye-catching designs.


Throughout the ages, arches have been the most integral part of interior designs worldwide. Modern homes are no exception! Arches elevate the space and grab the attention of the visitors to the height of your walls.

Whether you want a classic or customized modern arch, Aroll professionals are here to build the arch of your choice.

Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD. is a “one-stop” solution for the trim work and carpentry jobs you need. Talk to an expert at +17782383235 and get the best out of your home décor!

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