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At Aroll we understand that any renovation, remodelling, and decoration task can feel overwhelming, especially when you are busy with daily hustle and bustle of life. Fret now! We are here to help you.


If you are a fan of shiplap and planning to incorporate that into your home, then you are at the right spot. We are shiplap Vancouver professionals with years of experience in adding shiplap classic pieces to your drab space that requires a pick-me-up.


Whether you need shiplap Vancouver in your living room, dining space, kitchen, or bathroom- Aroll professionals can easily incorporate this trend into your preferred space in no time. Shiplap is a new-gen trend that is seen everywhere.

Why Choose Shiplap?

We firmly believe that a home is a space which is done right and can significantly change your life. It is an area that allows you to feel, relax, and enjoy! With shiplap, you can create an exquisite and eye-catching interior. Taking professional help such as Aroll designers the work can be done easily, our experts will do the heavy lifting job for you!


Below is the reason why choosing shiplap can make a huge difference in your home.


Probably the reason why people are preferring shiplap is its appearance. The classic, warm, and soothing feel of natural wood siding in a dwelling is unbeatable. The shiplap wood is usually cut from trees like pine, Oak, and Cedar.

Plus, shiplap Vancouver wood can be used in any room – kitchen, bathroom, living space, and bedrooms. And you can choose any paint color for the wood, making endless possibilities of design with shiplap.


The durability of shiplap with other options such as drywall is unmatched. The shiplap board is thick (3-4 inches) and fabricated out of solid wood. And these shiplap walls can easily serve homeowners for years to come without any dent or scratches and require little maintenance.

What Kind Of Wall Services Are You Looking For?

Aroll Home Improvement and Design LTD is a full wall designing services firm that encompasses minute details from idea to completion. No matter! If you are planning to renovate a room or build a new home with shiplap Vancouver, we can help you create the perfect dream space which is a refreshingly contemporary yet timeless classic.

  • All kinds of renovation – a whole house, kitchen, bathroom, condo, or single room of your home.
  • Wall covering, window treatments, and wallpaper.
  • Color consulting
  • Interior design and décor
  • Best-suited fire mantel, wainscoting, and shiplap work

Why hire a designer for a renovation or decorating job?

Hiring professional designers such as Aroll experts can help a homeowner avoid costly mistakes. Here are some top reasons why working with designers is the best-fitted resolution for you!

  • Save you money, time, and resources
  • Ensure value for money in every product you invest in
  • Correct size, dimension, and, designed furniture and built-in added to your space.
  • Offers time management solutions
  • Clear communication with other vendors (electrician and painter) so that you enjoy the renovation process.
  • Efficient planning and budgeting
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Great eye for detail and deep insight into the latest trends
  • Help homeowners source and purchase only quality products such as light fixtures, upholstery material, wall material, and flooring.
  • A designer has the prowess of thinking creatively and is well-versed in the idea of how to visualize your dream space in terms of layout, design, and color.

Looking for a professional for your next home improvement project?

If you are scouting the internet for the best home improvement designer for renovation or a new home, you are at the right place. If you want shiplap Vancouver walls or want to install modern walls or want exquisite fireplace mantels – Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD is ready to bring an astounding fresh look to your home.


A professional completely understands your vision for your home and our Aroll experts know exactly what your plan is and deliver what is promised within budget and on time. Look no further! Get connected with Aroll’s experienced designer to take your home improvement project to a whole new next level.

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