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Aroll — A New Way to Decorate Your Modern Fireplaces

Fireplaces have been the most purposeful décor for homes throughout the ages. Even in the 21st century, these beautiful fireplaces symbolize the lavishness of modern homes. Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, modern fireplaces give an epic look to your interior design while keeping you warm.

Interestingly, the purpose of fireplaces in modern homes is beyond soothing your comfort. Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD. craft new-gen fireplaces with usable shelves and mantels to make them more productive for you.

From choosing the design to building mantels, our experts take care of every aspect leading to converting your decorative thoughts into reality.

It’s time to make your fireplace a crowing glory of your home décor!


Our Immersive Fireplace Services for You!

Benefits of working with us

Why Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD.?

Wide Collection of Designs

At Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD., we are not limited to the basic set of designs. Perhaps, we believe in creativity and offer a detailed catalog of designs to meet your interior designing needs. If case of a dilemma, our experts will explain everything and help you pick the perfect design for your fireplace.

 Already have some innovative ideas on your mind? Don't worry! We will customize the designs and make them enchant your fireplaces.

High-Quality Materials

Materials are the backbone of every interior design, from feature walls to decorative firewalls. Not only do they ensure durability, but high-quality materials also play a role in giving a premium finish. We have access to the industry's finest materials enabling us to build premium and durable interior designs.

While building fireplaces, we use supreme quality materials, including heatproof stones, tiles, plywood, and more.

Expert Designers

When it comes to designing modern fireplaces for homes, only high-quality materials are not enough. Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD. features a trained team of professionals who hold excellence in designing and installing modern interiors.

With years of expertise, they will take care of all the interior designing jobs, including feature walls, trim work, and fireplaces.

Professional Approach

Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD. has been symbolizing professionalism and creativity since 2015. Despite being a local interior designing company in Richmond, BC, we have a professional approach as an integral part of our business.

From our designs and materials to the ethics, Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD. is a tier above the industry standards in every aspect.

Let’s create a blend of comfort and lavishness with premium and eye-catching fireplaces! Pick your phone and dial +17782383235 to get your fireplaces designed by experienced professionals.

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