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Designing a feature wall is a perfect way to escape from ordinary white spaces and give an eye-catching look to your home. At Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD., we offer an extensive range of featured wall designing services.

Whether it’s your living room or dining space, our premium wall designs will add a unique lavishness to every part of your home. Built with high-quality materials and new-gen technology, the fixtures look premium and durable enough to maintain the magnificence of your property.

Every home has a different need, and every person has their own perspective when it comes to designing a featured wall. Considering this, Aroll professionals give you access to a large collection of designs even available for customization according to your needs.

Here’s how we do it!

Pick a Perfect Design for Your Home’s Feature Wall

Accent Walls

An accent wall is what attracts your visitor the first time they visit your room or any area of your home. Generally, it’s the backside wall from your bed, but creativity has no rules! We at Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD. craft appealing accent walls based on your room’s configuration.

Besides this, our experts have a great eye for color combinations and patterns that will get you the best out of your investment.

Slat Walls

Wooden crafts never run out of fashion! Slatwall is a perfect example of evergreen and long-lasting wall designs for modern homes. In this, we craft high-quality wooden slats from your floor to ceiling vertically, getting you rid of boring plain walls.

Compatible with numerous accessories, these wooden slats look incredible and offer a useful space on your room’s wall. Furthermore, slat walls are highly versatile, and you can use them on any wall with our expert assistance.


Wainscotting is another purposeful feature wall designed to aid insulation of your home. It’s a blend of plywood, plastic, PVC, and fiberboard that trap the heat or cooling and maintain the desired temperature.

We install premium wainscotting panels to cover your feature wall halfway, combining it with your existing interior design.


If you are renovating your old home to a modern one, decorating the staircase wall is always a great design idea. From vignette to paneling, you get access to our wide range of staircase design ideas for your home.

If you’re looking for something more innovative, we can build a customized staircase wall with the desired color combination.

Asymmetric Walls

When you look for something really innovative and crafty, designs like slat walls may sound blank to you. Here asymmetric walls give a new life to your creative home with minimalistic appeal and incredible color combinations.

Whether you’re looking for single-toned asymmetric walls or multi-toned ones, Aroll professionals are here for your designing needs.

Geometric Walls

Geometric walls are the gem of interior design that brings a new level of creativity with perfectly aligned geometrical figures. These premium designs are available in various prints, colors, and geometrical patterns to match up with your home’s design.

Although geometric walls take time, our experts make it convenient for you with years of experience and leading-edge technology.

Board and Batten Walls

Board and pattern walls describe the simplistic craftsmanship on their own! It’s an incredible craft built with wooden boards aligned in appealing patterns. Known for their versatility, these feature wall designs are available in numerous patterns, fitting all of your needs.

Aroll Home Improvement & Design LTD. can help you choose the best wall pattern for your wall and craft it as you always wanted.


When it comes to designing featured walls, shiplap has its own popularity, thanks to the unique rabbet cuts. These cuts look premium and logically created to make planks pieced together perfectly.

If you’re also looking for an evergreen wall design, we will get you there with an excellent collection of designs and high-quality materials.

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