At ARoll Home Improvement & Design, we provide a personal touch to your home. We design and execute beautiful accent walls, and also provide options to incorporate shelving, lighting, and more into our accent walls. We also redesign fireplaces to perfectly accent your living room space.

Recently, we’ve expanded our services to include a new feature: staircases. We create beautiful staircases out of finger joint primed wood, which we then sand and paint according to your desired design. We take your home into consideration and will always ask you for your approval before we execute the design, so you know you’ll love the end result. 

When we build a staircase, it takes many steps. Initially, a 360-degree digital mock-up will be created to visualize the design. Then, materials will be procured and transported to the site. The project involves covering the floor and removing the moulding on the expansion joint. This is followed by taping and mudding the joint to achieve a seamless finish. Hand sanding will be performed using a vacuum attached system to ensure cleanliness. Priming will then be carried out on the mudded joint. The wood will be arranged according to the desired design layout.

 Then, we will cut, fit, glue, and nail boards to the staircase. Gaps and nail holes will be caulked and filled, after which joint sanding will be executed for a smooth texture. The wall will be painted with two coats of a single, solid color. As the project progresses, daily cleanup efforts will maintain order, and garbage disposal will be addressed upon completion. 

We include and cover the cost of all materials required to create your accent wall or staircase, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. A staircase usually takes 2-3 weeks to finish, but it’s well worth the wait! 

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Written by Vivian Gietz