ARoll Home Improvement & Design provides a unique personal touch to your home with beautiful accent walls of all kinds. Our designs are totally unique, and you won’t find them anywhere else. Our accent walls are also extremely functional and can incorporate shelving and lighting, including smart lighting, to suit your needs.

ARoll offers many options for the layout of accent walls. One of our most popular walls is the wooden slat wall, which comes in so many colours and designs. The slat wall is perfect for your living room TV and fireplace area, and can include shelving and lighting as well. The design and colour possibilities are endless. 

In this apartment in downtown Vancouver, our clients chose a darker shade for their slat wall. This beautiful colour takes 2-3 days to stain to the correct colour, but it’s worth the wait! Our clients love the classic oak appearance of their new slat wall. 

Our clients found this slat wall instantly elevated the look of their bedroom, making the space both cozy and elevated with the classic wooden 

If you are thinking about remodeling or upgrading your bedroom this summer, you can’t go wrong with an accent wall from ARoll. Our slat walls elevate and modernize any home. 

With a wide selection of colours and styles to choose from and our expert guidance, you’ll end up with a slat wall that’s exactly what you want and more. 

If you want your bedroom to look as good as this one, don’t wait. Get a quote today.

Written by Vivian Gietz